Behind the Scenes

Photography and video production are two art forms in which everyone at GG Retrofitz takes interest. When we decided to start developing media content for our brand, everyone jumped to the opportunity. We were all literally fighting over who was going to be the man behind the lens, because we were so excited to start showcasing our work to the world. This debate was easily resolved when we realized only one of us has a drone license (haha), Taro our Vice-President.

We all provide insight and our own unique design perspectives during each photo/video shoot, but he is the man that deserves all of the media credit. Creating all of our own content has been such a fun experience. When we first ventured out with our prototype bike to do some action and lifestyle shooting in its natural environment, we were all in awe. That was because we could finally see this masterpiece on the streets of Southern California. We are all looking forward to our next media day!